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For academic writing I recommend the amazing power of LaTex. I’m using it on Mac OS X with the MacTeX-2012 distribution. For writing in german, I think the most usefull bundle of classes and packages is KOMA (CTANdocumentation projet). To get help and answers for more ore less difficult questions one can visit the Tex–LaTeX network at

For writing LaTeX-Code on MacOS one can find a lot of editors but I prefer TextMate. Some other usefull editors are BBEditScribo and TeXShop.

LaTex is maybe mostly used in a academic writing situation and than one need to use a Library and Reference Manager. I prefer to use the BibTeX-Format and the BibDesk application. For importing reference information I found a very usefull website, where you can get an BibTex-Entry via the ISBN number based on Amazons reference informations: ISBN-to-BibTex.